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Non-Stop is an endless runner. Your main objective is to get as far as you can from the start platform and to collect as many coins as possible.

The world and everything around you is 100% procedurally generated. There are many kinds of biomes waiting to shred you down to atoms!

Non-Stop provides a simple mechanic. You click, you go up. You don't click, you go down. Only through practice you'll master the ability to fly and avoid danger.

It is very easy to die on this game. You need to avoid crashing into walls and anything that seems pointy or sharp. We have it all: Spikes, Chainsaw Floors, Projectiles, Axes and more! Never trust the floor.

You can buy items from the shop with coins! As you progress through the generating map, difficulty increases (And so does the value of the coins). You'll notice the presence of new features and harder biomes.


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